Composed Just For You

Your Wedding, Your Own Special Music Composed Just for You…

bespoke music for your wedding

When you are ensuring that everything from the dress, the cake, the flowers, stationery and look of your wedding is going to represent your unique personality, why would you want to use the same music as somebody else?

I can compose a unique piece of music for your wedding or event, and dedicate it to you!

How it works:

  • I talk to you via video link and ask about your favourite songs or movies to get an idea of the kind of music you would like me to compose for you.
  • I then also take your names or initials and write this into the actual music, also helping to create a piece of music unique to you.
  • Perhaps you have written a poem or a song yourself? I can set the poem to music or add an instrumental arrangement to your song.

The average length of the composition is 2.5 minutes

The music can be professionally recorded and I can arrange the sheet music so that any musicians (piano/strings/voice) can perform it live at the wedding or event in any part of the world.

A professional recording could be made by us to be played at the event if we are not performing it ourselves, or the recording could be a gift for an anniversary or christening present etc.

As a professional composer, my music has already been used at weddings and funerals in the UK, USA, Europe, Canada, and Japan.

I also regularly compose music for my patrons on www.patreon.com and have also written music in the memory of a loved one.

Please note that the copyright remains with the composer.

Some examples:

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