Terms and Conditions


In order to secure your booking, we require a non-returnable deposit of £200. Our preferred method of payment is by BACS, IBAN, or you may pay by cheque.

Final Balance
The final balance is due one calendar month before your event. We will invoice you for this nearer the time. We require full payment of our fee before performing at any event.

Booking Period

The three hour booking period is a straight period of time, e.g from 1pm-4pm. During this time we can play at one venue, or move between venues. We are able to play for an extra hour overtime if requested, and this cost is added to our regular fees.

Special Arrangements
If there is a piece of music that you would particularly like us to play, which we do not have already in our repertoire, then we will arrange one song or piece of music for you free of charge (depending upon the complexity of the work). Subsequent arrangements cost £95 each, plus the cost of obtaining the music score (if this is over £5 to purchase.)

Please give plenty of advance notice when requesting a special arrangement, ideally at least 2 months notice.

If you need to cancel, please note that the deposit is non-returnable. If you cancel one calendar month before your event, then we require payment of our fee in full.

Playing outdoors
If the weather is warm and dry, then we are happy to play outside, but please note that suitable shade or cover must be provided to protect us from direct sunlight. We cannot perform outside in the rain or in windy conditions.

If one of us is ill on the day we will be replaced by another member of the Classical Strings team.

What we require on the day
Please let the venue know that we will be playing for you. We will need chairs without arms for each member of the group. We are unable to carry furniture ourselves, so please ensure that the chairs are in place for us, and that someone is on hand to move them if you wish us to play in different locations.

If you would like us to play outside and the weather is sunny, we will need to be seated in an area of shade.
Please provide us with soft drinks. During our three hour booking period, please note that we will take a 30 minute break during this time to avoid injury. We would welcome sandwiches or canapés during our break please. If we are providing music for your ceremony, this does not count as a break as we are on call to provide the music.

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