Our Virtual String Quartet Wedding Service

Virtual Wedding Violinist – Solo Violin
Classical Strings can be part of the online wedding service live via Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, Ecamm Live, Facetime or Facebook.
I can play music from our repertoire for the Bride & Groom before the virtual ceremony begins, during and afterwards as the ceremony finishes.
Any song can be arranged for strings if it is not listed, for an additional fee.

Personalised Wedding Video
The Classical Strings ensembles can film one piece of music from our repertoire with each of us appearing on screen at the same time. This video will be personalised for you.

This can be played during your ceremony and it is a wonderful way to mark the occasion of your special day. I can also arrange a bespoke piece of music especially for you if it is not in our repertoire, for an additional fee.

Your Wedding Song Professionally Recorded and Delivered
We have a professional recording and video editing facility so we can record your wedding song as an audio file* and also film the virtual String Quartet in HD Video.
*The music can then be added to the official wedding video at a later date.

Composed Just For You
The ultimate wedding gift. I take the names or initials of the bride and goom and write this into a unique piece of music.
The music is then recorded (or the sheet music produced), so it can be performed anywhere in the world.

Released Just For You! – Taking Your Love Worldwide
This takes the ‘Composed Just For You’ service to a whole new level. We record the music and arrange to release the track as an exclusive single on Spotify / Apple iTunes and dedicate the track to the couple.

Our Current Recordings

When you book any of our services, you may use any of our pre-existing recordings for use on your wedding video, for no extra charge.

Sue Aston

Classical Strings