Cornwall Violinist Green and ECO Weddings

Green and Eco Weddings

Those of you who know me from my work as a composer and recording artist will be aware of how important the landscape and the environment are to my work.

I am therefore very excited and pleased to see this upsurge in green and eco friendly weddings.
In many ways there is no better form of green entertainment than a String Quartet. It requires no electricity, no batteries and the instruments are traditional and handmade.

With many people looking for Barn Weddings and holding their celebrations outside, the music from a String Quartet (or similar string ensemble) will blend in with nature, bird song and the voices of your guests.
My job as the arranger and leader of the String Quartet is to provide a soundtrack that is recognisable, but at the same time not intrusive.

Please get in touch if you have any questions about how we can add a touch of natural magic to your wedding day!

Sue Aston

Sue Aston


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