How To Choose Music For Your Wedding Ceremony

how to choose music for your wedding ceremony

How To Choose Music For Your Wedding Ceremony

The wedding music you choose for your ceremony sets the scene for your big day. Will your wedding day be formal, traditional or more laid back and casual?  I can help you pick the right songs for the different parts of the wedding ceremony. The right songs will create an atmosphere that reflects your personality and style.

So much energy goes into choosing the flowers, cake, wedding dress, food and venue that the wedding ceremony music timeline can get left until last. We specialise in creating a playlist that is as unique as you are so we do not force established songs on you if there is a special song or songs that you would rather have. Arranging songs can take time so it is important to give this some thought.  We can meet via a video call to discuss the songs you might like to use.

Can I use any music?

Some wedding celebrants and venues have a strict guidelines on what music can be used, Religious music cannot, for instance, be used in venues which have a civil wedding license.

What song will be our special song? 

If the words are a very important part of the music you might want to book our String Quarter with a vocalist, however, if the melody is strong enough and you feel that the lyrics would detract from your wedding ceremony then our arrangments for String Quartet, Trio, Duo or solo violin would be perfect.

You will need music for four parts of your Wedding Ceremony

Part One As the guests assemble and are seated: We usually play a selection of popular music and classics from our repertoire, this can be chosen by you as your guests are taking their seats and waiting for the wedding ceremony to begin.

Part Two The Procession: We will switch to a new song as the Bride arrives. This song will last as long as it takes for the bride to reach the front of the room, so there is no need to worry!

Part Three The Signing of the Register: At this point, we play two or three pieces of music to play as the registers are signed.

Part Four The Recessional: We play upbeat joyful and lively music to conclude the wedding ceremony as the bride and groom process out of the room.

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