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Surprise Special Music Arrangements!

It’s always such a pleasure to receive a special request for a wedding or event, and create a bespoke music arrangement for us to perform to make a special occasion even more memorable and personal.

Quite often we are approached by a Bride or Groom, and, although they have already chosen a special piece of music to be arranged together, it is such a thrill to arrange a piece of music which will be a complete surprise for their partner.

This could happen during the Signing of the Register, for the couple to both walk out to, or even towards the end of the drinks reception! We were recently asked to play a special song for a Bride, so that the Groom could ask her to dance to it, just before they were due to go in for the wedding breakfast.  We all were so excited that this was a secret request, and the anticipation really mounted up during the drinks reception. We looked out for a nod and a wink from the Groom, who led his Bride over, and we played the Bride’s favourite song for her…

It was such an emotional experience, and very intimate, as the guests were still enjoying their drinks, and the happy couple shared the moment together as we played for them. We are very discrete, and love keeping a secret, so I shall divulge no more!

Sue Aston
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Sue Aston


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